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About us

Mission and vision

Our mission and vision as a Society

Mission statement

The Investor Relations Society’s mission is to promote best practice in investor relations; to support the professional development of its members; to represent their views to regulatory bodies, the investment community and government; and to act as a forum for issuers and the investment community.

Our vision

To be the focal point in the UK for investor relations practice and IR professionals and to promote best practice in investor relations generally.

Our values


Our core beliefs

Investor relations should be at the heart of the development of corporate strategy
Proactive, universal, prompt and clear investor communications
Transparency in securities trading
Proportionate regulation that promotes equity and fairness
The value of engagement between companies and investors
The need for investor relations professionals to attain an appropriate level of competence and maintain it through continued professional development

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For more information about the IR Society please contact us on 020 7379 1763 or