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2014 Annual Conference

The IR Society're 28th Annual Conference, Today's IR: Creating tomorrow's value, took a very practical look at IR today and how we can create value in the future.

The highly-experienced speakers and panellists addressed a whole range of issues, including the challenges of attracting international investors and the sell-side’s role in this process, the difference between good IR and poor IR and how it can affect your company’s share price and re-affirming IR as a major value-driver whose power is not to be underestimated or under-utilised. We also featured updates on the governance debate and developments in the digital space which provide IR professionals with essential insights and make sense of what is really necessary.

Delegates were given a clear understanding of what the buy-side is looking for from IR, and how this insight can contribute to a successful IR programme. The range of perspectives provided by the speakers ensured a 360-degree view and practical key “take-aways” from each session. 

The conference closed with a look at IR as a career path, examining the pitfalls and opportunities of the profession, as well as taking a closer look at what makes the ideal IR practitioner and how to build and retain effective IR teams.

The days of IR being a ‘nice to have’ are long gone, IR is now a ‘must have’ and the 2014 IR Society conference celebrated this progression and sought to reinforce IR’s essential and significant role in the corporate