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IR Webinars

Tuesday 12 September, 2017: IR Webinar - Meet the fund managers

Join this great opportunity to hear the views from experienced fund managers who manage funds addressing environmental, social and governance issues along with presenting their views on the following topics: - Passive vs active strategies - Shareholder activism - Use of technology - Corporate access and regulatory changes

Tuesday 17 October, 2017: IR Webinar - “Alignment of Interests” between companies, shareholders, employees and customers

Alignment of Interests between the various constituents of a publicly-listed company and how those alignments have changed over the last few decades. The alignment "pendulum" shifts and causes unintended consequences that stray from business into the world of politics, with equally unforeseen results. It is a topic that affects companies, shareholders, employees, corporate executives in a material sense as well as optically and has particular resonance as our investment world shifts toward passive versus active investing.

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