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2016 UK AGM Review - D.F. King

As public interest continues to intensify in major companies’ corporate governance policies, D.F. King’s summary review aims to highlight the patterns of investor voting across the FTSE100 index and underline the most contentious agenda items in 2016. We hope to provide you with real insights into the voting issues and trends from the 2016 season, while identifying and describing potential hot topics for 2017.

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About D.F. King

D.F. King is a global expert in stakeholder engagement, having serviced more than 1,000 clients in 32 countries, from eight offices around the world.

We provide comprehensive advisory and execution services for equity and debt transactions.

In proxy solicitation, D.F. King is renowned worldwide for securing shareholder support in corporate actions involving shares. We specialise in designing, organising and executing campaigns for Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings, takeovers, proxy defences, shareholder activism and corporate governance advisory.

In debt markets, we help companies and their advisors navigate through the difficulties associated with locating and communicating with bondholders. We are experts in tender and exchange offers, consent solicitations, bondholder meetings and complex debt restructurings.

Published: 21 November, 2016


2016 UK AGM Review - D.F. King

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