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A guide to ESG reporting - Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio’s guidance report identifies the importance of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. As companies aspire to achieve stakeholder trust and greater societal impact, clear and impactful ESG reporting is becoming more relevant than ever.

The guidance identifies how linking ESG to strategy, the business model, risk management and governance can be done effectively and the benefits this can provide for companies. Key takeaways from the guidance include the following:

• Integrating ESG information into investment decisions has become standard for long-term investors who care about sustainable value creation.
• Effective management of ESG issues and opportunities can lead to commercial successes.
• Linking ESG to strategy, the business model, risk management and governance provides important benefits in relation to internal efficiencies and stakeholder confidence.
• It is imperative that companies demonstrate how they have identified material ESG issues.
• Business success in the 21st century will be defined by more than financial profit. Ethical issues impact economic outcomes.

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Why Design Portfolio?

We develop effective and engaging corporate and investor communications strategies. We do this through compelling storytelling delivered with one clear voice.

As one of the longest standing agencies delivering corporate communications we are respected by leading industry bodies and are regularly consulted for strategic advice, awards benchmarking and guidance. We have strong relationships with our clients and are a trusted partner to organisations such as Just Eat, Tullow Oil, Countryside and ZPG (Zoopla Property Group) – to name a few.

We are experts in getting under the skin of specific communications challenges and incorporate tried and tested systems and processes to ensure our high standards of security, efficiency and quality control are second to none.

We are also pioneers of the ‘fixed price guarantee’ and one of the only agencies to offer this service, ensuring a “no surprises” approach to costs, offering flexible scheduling and outstanding value.

It’s often our transparent approach and great client service that keep our clients coming back to us year after year.        @WeAre_DP

Published: 21 April, 2017


A guide to ESG reporting - Design Portfolio

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