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Assessing the European IPO Landscape within a Global Context: 2010 – 2015 - Fairvue Partners

The volume of global and specifically European IPO activity over the last two years has bounced back from the lull experienced across the globe in 2012, and 2014 was a notably strong year. However, the IPO market dropped off again in 2015 which saw $175 billion raised through IPOs from 744 issuances, well below the level seen in 2010, when there was a five-year high of $257 billion raised and 896 issuances completed. In the first part of this two-part whitepaper series by Fairvue Partners, we assess the European IPO market within a global context since 2010, addressing the questions of deal size, investor appetite across sectors, seasonality trends, regional dynamics, and post-listing share price performance.

About Fairvue Partners

Fairvue Partners is a leading debt and equity investor relations advisory firm, offering services to corporate issuers across the globe. We adopt a tactical and transparent approach to helping issuers execute their Investor Relations programmes, and offer tailored solutions derived from rigorous capital market research. Fairvue’s management team have worked together over many years and draw upon decades of advisory, corporate and institutional experience.

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Fairvue Partners
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Published: 3 March, 2016