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Audience Insight Report 2015 - Understanding your digital audience - Investis

Investis currently review and aggregate the website analytics of some 115 corporate websites globally, for which we hold data for at least two years, to provide insight into how they are used.

On average, we are tracking nearly 3.5 million visits to corporate websites and over 11 million page views per month.

In order to provide insights to as broad a range of companies as possible, we have carefully selected websites of differing sizes and market caps, covering a cross-section of global companies. Large companies are defined as having a market cap in excess of £2 billion; medium in the range of £500 million to £2 billion; and small with a market cap less than £500 million. 

There have been some interesting developments since our last report in Q1 2014. Overall visits to corporate websites are still increasing – but the number of visits from desktop PCs is showing a slight decline, as mobile visits take an ever-increasing share. Responsive websites are nearly three times as popular as dedicated mobile websites. Android is now the single most popular mobile device for visits to corporate websites – although together the iPad and the iPhone still account for 61% of mobile visits. LinkedIn remains the most common social referrer of visits but the number of visits from Facebook and Twitter is growing.

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About Investis

We're simplifying the complex world of digital corporate communications.

We’re the market-leading specialists in providing corporate websites and digital investor relations and corporate communications services to public companies. With offices in six countries, we work with more than 1,700 clients across the globe, including 70% of the FTSE 100.

Our mobile offering includes fully responsive websites and dedicated smartphone sites and we’ve built over half of the FTSE100’s corporate/IR apps.

Published: 5 June, 2015


Insight Report 2015 - Understanding your digital audience - Investis

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