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Brexit: Championing excellence in IR

by David Lloyd-Seed, Chair of the IR Society

It is in times of crisis and market shock that effective communications come into their own. If an IRO can hold the line and continue to get the investment story across to the investment community and assure investors that it still makes sense to hold the company’s shares, this can provide much needed stability. IR can best serve their company and investors by keeping a cool head and keeping the market on side through thick and thin. In this, continued investor and analyst engagement, taking feedback, staying alert to what is happening around us and retaining credibility are key. Furthermore think about how your corporate narrative and messaging needs to evolve to address the current headwinds e.g. FX, interest rate outlook, and consumer trends. Above all, keep planning!

We would encourage our IR Society members to remember the 5 ‘Cs’ of IR: clarity, consistency, credibility, commitment and importantly, acting as a critical conduit between business and investor, something Professor John Kay reminded us of at the recent IR Society annual conference.

While it is too early to predict the full outcome and effect of the Brexit result on corporate issuers and financial intermediaries, over the coming months we will continue to offer IR Society members practical advice on how to operate in this changing environment. The IR Society has an important role to play to represent the views of corporate issuers to the regulators as this referendum result plays out. Our overriding objective is to continue our work to support the growth and value of the profession, and championing excellence in IR.

Published: 30 June, 2016