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Corporate culture - a thought piece on reporting

Black Sun’s latest thought piece on reporting: Corporate Culture – discusses some of the culture indicators that can currently be found in FTSE 100 annual reports and also explores what increased reporting in this area could look like going forward.

The report found that while 48% of the FTSE 100 define the values of their organisation, only 35% define their purpose. Interestingly, only 14% of the FTSE 100 directly report on culture. These figures seem set to increase in the coming years given the focus on culture by UK regulators.


About Black Sun
Black Sun is a stakeholder communications company.
We believe that in today’s fast moving and highly uncertain world, successful businesses are those able to deliver long-term value to the people around them – stakeholders. When stakeholders are heard, inspired, and engaged, businesses are understood, trusted, and supported. They perform better. Black Sun enables businesses to become more relevant to their stakeholders. We help organisations articulate their vision and purpose, deliver inspiring communications that engage and connect with their stakeholders, and we challenge businesses to align what they do with what they say. At Black Sun we stand for Communications with Purpose.

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Published: 29 February, 2016


Corporate culture - a thought piece on reporting

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