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Corporate reporting on mobile devices - nexxar

With the growing number of mobile users, corporate reports will have to be provided in a manner adequate for smart phones and tablets. But how strong is the actual demand for such versions? And which format offers the most advantages? This white paper describes current trends and discusses fruitful approaches on mobile reporting.

There is no doubt that the mobile web is the most important development when it comes to the future use of information. According to a recent PWC survey, the number of mobile web subscribers worldwide grew by 40 percent in 2011 and is forecast to reach three billion by 2016. Consequently, companies are aiming to make a more targeted approach to the increasing number of mobile users of their annual and sustainability reports. Two different devices for optimisation have become established: smart phones and tablets.

This white paper provides background research and discusses possible approaches on mobile reporting. Relying on two different use cases for tablets and smart phones, it evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of each format. Furthermore, it will show that these two alternatives are not in competition with one another.

About nexxar

nexxar has devoted itself entirely to the topic of online corporate reports. This is unique, across the globe. Since it was founded in 2003, the Viennese company has published over 400 reports on the web. With so much experience, nexxar naturally has an edge in matters of innovation. We love to look beyond boundaries serving clients across Europe, Japan and the USA.

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Published: 24 January, 2013


Corporate reporting on mobile devices

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