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Debunking the myths in annual reporting - Emperor

For some companies, the annual report is viewed as a chore which takes them away from the “real” business of running the company.  We often get asked: What’s the purpose of the report? Why should we invest so much time and effort in producing it? And does anyone actually care?

But companies’ perceptions of the annual report, its purpose and relevance, often do not reflect the reality of today’s reporting.

In this white paper, we look at the five myths we come across most frequently when talking to companies, provide evidence to refute them and make suggestions to help those preparing reports to ensure their reporting is relevant, engaging and meets the needs of investors.

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About Emperor

FTSE giant or newly-established enterprise, we deliver reporting that brings clients more.

Why Emperor?
We’re experts in producing corporate reports that people want to pick up, read and act on. When a direct, skilfully executed approach is needed, we’re trusted to deliver. But it’s the way we listen to and work with our clients that makes our approach different.

For us, there’s more to reporting than delivering an exceptional end product. We’re just as focused on building the strong relationships that will help us achieve it. That’s because improving the reporting process leads to clearer strategic thinking throughout.

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Published: 7 March, 2017


Debunking the myths in annual reporting

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