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Deutsche Bank continues partnership with IR Society in 2017

We're delighted to announce that Deutsche Bank's DR team continues to sponsor the Society's Professional Development programme for 2017.

Speaking about the sponsorship, Zafar Aziz, Director, Head of DR Investor Relations Advisory Group at Deutsche Bank said: “The UK IR Society has gained an international reputation as a recognised body for representing the IR industry and for providing a comprehensive range of educational resources for its members. Deutsche Bank Depositary Receipts is very proud to be continuing our partnership with the Professional Development Programme for 2017.”

Deutsche Bank Depositary Receipts provides all the services necessary to set up and run a successful ADR programme plus a range of added services to ensure that both the issuing company and its investors get the most from the programme. This includes providing specialist investor relations support to companies with ADRs to assist them in communicating with their US investors. Click here for more information.

The Society's new Professional Development brochure for 2017 is now out, where you can view course details and book online. View brochure here

Published: 5 January, 2017