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EMR Investor Relations Talent Survey 2015

Compiled from over 150 responses from the UK’s top IR talent the report delves into the latest findings across salaries and bonuses and takes a look into the key motivations and career drivers across the market. In addition, our in-depth interviews with the Chair of the IR Society, Sue Scholes, and Barclays Group Digital Director, Elliot Antrobus-Holder, provide further insight into the key trends currently taking place within the industry.

Since our last report in 2012, the changes within the economic landscape, along with regulatory changes, have significantly impacted the IR world. Throughout the report we review how the current climate compares to our insight and
findings from our 2012 report to provide a greater understanding of where these key changes have occurred and make predictions for the future. We also review insight from the IR Magazine’s Global IR Practice Report 2014,
looking at findings and statistics on a global scale. 

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Published: 25 June, 2015