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European Stocks Are Poised to Take Advantage of Exodus from Emerging Markets Equities - Commodore

Commodore Intelligence released a survey confirming European equities are likely to become the principal beneficiary of the ongoing investor retreat from emerging markets. The intelligence firm interviewed 200 portfolio managers managing more than $100 billion in combined holdings of European equities. The majority of investors – seventy-five percent of those surveyed – are prepared to deploy this cash into companies that have diversified revenues or operations globally. Contrary to popular belief, however, exposure to the United States is not expected to play a significant role in these investments, with less than 10 percent of those surveyed requiring their holdings to have operations or revenues in the United States.

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About Commodore Intelligence

Commodore Intelligence empowers European companies with actionable intelligence to target best fit U.S. institutional investors for their stock. Commodore’s platform provides companies with access to the qualitative and quantitative factors investment managers utilize when making an investment in a European equity.  It is also used by European based bankers, financial intermediaries and corporate access teams trying to identify “best fit” US investors in M&A, IPO’s and other special situations.

Published: 1 December, 2015


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