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Full steam ahead…

After an intense and active summer, the IR Society has another busy time ahead. John Gollifer highlights the key developments.

After a most reasonable British summer, punctuated by the return of David Brent (yes, we were there! See below) – that veritable office inspiration – and the thrills and spills at the Olympics, how appropriate to turn our attention to the final lap of 2016. They say four laps of the track is the perfect distance – if so, you can’t just include the 10 seconds needed to be fastest, can you? We may not all be quite like super champion Phelps of 23 gold medals, however, rather reassuringly, we can focus on what we are good at, stay the course and still win, rather like a personal marathon.

A few months after that momentous date of 23 June, it seems much like before, at least for now, which is surely a good thing after the world we faced on 24 June. That now seems a long time ago, doesn’t it? The latest PMI (Purchasing Managers Index, an indicator of economic activity) shows the strongest pointer in 20 years and we look set to continue the UK’s growth in 2016. Perhaps we all ended up staying and spending in the UK over the summer, after all. Economics and politics aside, this issue of Informed considers, among other favourite things, professional development and careers.

All careers are personal journeys. When I think of professional development, I think of continuous improvement and a willingness to test yourself and stay at the top of your game for as long as possible. While it all seems to come and go rather quickly, perhaps a good sign, it requires time, commitment and staying power, rather like an Olympic feat (again!).

Published: 4 October, 2016