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Getting on the right track: How to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors

Corporate responsibility (CR) has grown at a rapid pace in the past two decades. More companies are taking action and reporting on their social, environmental and economic performance. Investors are also beginning to pay increasing attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. But there is a disconnect: CR professionals are often unaware of how the ESG information they disclose is used by their investors, what kind of ESG information investors are actually looking for and ultimately which ESG factors they then incorporate into their decisionmaking processes. This misalignment is hindering both investor engagement with long-term value creation and the integration of CR issues into corporate strategy.

Corporate Citizenship has launched the Long-Term Value Project to diagnose and find solutions to address challenges linked to long term value creation and gaps in the corporate and investment value chain.

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About Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship is a global business consultancy specialising in sustainability and corporate responsibility.The team uses expert insight and a simplified approach to sustainability to deliver growth and long term value for business and society.

With teams in London, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Santiago and Singapore we work with clients on both a local and global level, to achieve their commitments to responsible business behaviours and sustainable practices.

We advise on a number of areas including strategy, community, engagement, environment, supply chain, socio-economic impacts, SDGs, reporting and assurance – helping clients to make the smart choices that will enable them to survive and thrive in an increasingly challenging business environment.

We have published a variety of resources and information for corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioners, which can be found on our website, For further information about the report and our services, please contact Emma Upton: @CCitizenship

Published: 5 March, 2017