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Informed 84 – Autumn 2014

This issue of Informed includes 'IR and the board', a special feature on the role of investor relations in the boardroom – examing the key relationship between the IRO and the executive team. There are articles from a range of contributors in the UK and overseas, which include practical advice for IROs.

Also in this issue, Charles Hamlyn presents the findings of a new IR Society survey on corporate access, Nick Dawson discusses the 2015 proxy voting season, and Lourens Kavelaars analyses changing corporate governance in France, in his Letter from Europe. 

Looking ahead to the Best Practice Awards, Steph McGovern is announced as host, and we present shortlisted companies. 

The main feature, 'IR and the Board', includes the following articles:

• 'What relationship should the IRO have with the board?', by Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Fidelio Partners

• 'There is no 'right' way to engage – and no two boards are the same', by Peregrine Rivière, former chairman of the IR Society

• 'Stay close to create value for the business', by David Lloyd-Seed, deputy chair of the IR Society

• 'How third-party advisers can make a difference', by Susanne Seibel, Seibel Consulting

• 'Are you on the crest of the diversity wave – or struggling to catch up?', by Helen Pitcher, Advanced Boardroom Excellence

• 'Dealing with IR and boardroom issues in Asian markets', by Simon Weston, Semeru CLSA Capital Partners Pte Ltd

• 'Communicating with shareholders', by Eva Chan, Hong Kong IR Association

• 'Proactive Management', by Judy Tan, ARA-CWT Trust Management (Cache) Ltd.

If you have any ideas for inclusion in future issues of Informed, please contact John Gollifer

Published: 6 October, 2014