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IR Society updates best practice guidelines

We are delighted to announce we have recently updated our Best Practice Guidelines which can be viewed in the Knowledge Bank section of our website here. As part of our mission, this guide brings together the IR Society’s views on the topics of relevance to our profession. It shows our position (where we have one), outlines current best practice, and suggests sources for further information and guidance. 

As part of the work of Best Practice Committee, led by Sallie Pilot, Black Sun, these guidelines will be reviewed and updated regularly. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact Laura Hayter, Head of Policy and Communications. A big thank you to all members of our Best Practice Committee for their review and contribution to these guidelines. We would encourage all members to keep up to date on best practice and the issues affecting our profession by:

• Reading the weekly bulletin and monthly policy update emails
• Attending IR Society training sessions and events
• Networking with your peers
• Making use of our ‘Ask the board’ membership benefit

Published: 1 September, 2016