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IR Website Best Practices - Q4 Inc.

Your investor relations website is your primary storytelling vehicle. The most effective IR website is one that successfully tells your investment story, by providing investors with compelling and informative context that ultimately influences their decision to invest.

We live a significant part of our lives online, and investors are no exception. A great IR website is not about compliance; it’s about creating a space investors can look to understand the qualitative aspects of your company’s story. While providing financial data and reports is important, what separates the best sites in the world are those that focus on providing context on the company’s strategy and clarity about the company’s execution and vision.

A great IR website that keeps up with trends in technology has never been so essential to the success of an IR program. According to a 2016 Rivel Research Group survey of 353 buy-side professionals, 75% of the respondents say their interest in a company is diminished when the website is poorly designed.

With the current availability of online tools to build interactive, multimedia focused websites, it’s now easier to leverage the power of online tools to enhance corporate communications and engage investors. 

This whitepaper will discuss IR website best practices and dive into how each is an essential and effective communication tool for investors. 

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About Q4 Inc.
Q4 is a global leader in cloud-based investor relations and capital market solutions. Thousands of brands around the world use Q4 website, webcasting, CRM, analytics and surveillance solutions to better connect with their investors and understand the capital markets. In June 2016, Q4 launched Q4 Desktop, the industry’s first fully integrated investor relations platform, which integrates communications tools, surveillance and analytics into a fully featured IR workflow and CRM application. Q4 has offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Copenhagen, and London. Visit to learn more.

Published: 3 March, 2017


IR Website Best Practices - Q4 Inc.

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