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Online Investor Communications; A Survival Guide - Jones and Palmer

The corporate reporting landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. A major shift towards online communications has seen not just websites but social media accounts and apps being harnessed by tech-savvy companies.

And with both The Kay Review and the updated UK Corporate Governance Code advocating broader corporate storytelling, the opportunities that online reporting offers to reach a wider audience with more engaging, ‘rich’ content are many. 

Online Investor Communications; A Survival Guide is our comprehensive look at the current state of investor relations, exploring the online options available and how they can and are being utilised. 

With original research into the FTSE 100 and detailed breakdowns of all the elements that make up multimedia communications, this Guide has something to offer whether you are looking to improve your online communications, or are looking to gain a better understanding.

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At Jones and Palmer, we help create a better world through clear corporate communications. As a UK leader in producing corporate websites and printed and online annual reports, we combine creative flair with knowledge of investor relations and extensive project management experience.

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Published: 23 April, 2013


Online Investor Communications; A Survival Guide

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