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Potential impact of MiFID II on IR practices and the corresponding role of technology - RD:IR

MiFID II will come into force on 03 January 2018. This paper aims to provide IR professionals with more clarity on the likely implications of MiFID II, as well as ways they can evolve their practices to make the most of new opportunities.

One of the challenges for IR professionals will be to deal with potential changes in research coverage, impacting how equity stories and investment cases are disseminated and debated amongst market participants.

Technology presents a unique opportunity to evolve with these changes to regulation. New research distribution and corporate access platforms are being established in response to changes in market practices and it is anticipated that these will gain in importance and acceptance as MiFID II comes into force.


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RD:IR is an independent global Investor Relations consultancy offering a wide range of IR-related analysis, research and advisory services to over 600 UK and international public companies.  From tracking share ownership, to finding new investors and achieving the highest level of voting at shareholder meetings, RD:IR provides unconflicted investor marketing and communication strategies to assist boards, senior management and IR professionals to manage their relationships with the capital markets.

Published: 5 December, 2016


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