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RD:IR - Gold Sponsors again in 2017!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that RD:IR will be continuing their Gold Sponsorship of the IR Society once again in 2017! Speaking on the sponsorship, Richard Davies, Managing Director at RD:IR said:

"We are delighted to support once again the IR Society through our Gold Sponsorship in 2017.

We live in a challenging period of much change and uncertainty driven by global politics, regulatory change and technological innovation. RD:IR believes that the future of healthy capital markets relies on good governance, transparency, respect for ethics and the continuing development of global standards of best practice.

The IR Society has long been a leader in acting as a standard-bearer for these values in Investor Relations. We are proud to support the Society in the maintenance of those aims.

RD:IR continues to expand its client-base globally but the UK market, to which the Society offers such a wonderfully rich range of services and support, remains at our heart. We are delighted to support the Society not only through our sponsorship but also through our work on many of its committees and events.

All at RD:IR look forward to another year of partnership with the IR Society to help the Society promote the interests of its members‎, as well as the best standards of IR practice."

All at the IR Society would like to thank them for their continued support!

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About RD:IR
RD:IR is an independent global Investor Relations consultancy offering a wide range of IR-related analysis, research and advisory services to over 600 UK and international public companies. From tracking share ownership, to finding new investors and achieving the highest level of voting at shareholder meetings, RD:IR provides un-conflicted investor marketing and communication strategies to assist boards, senior management and IR professionals to manage their relationships with the capital markets.

Published: 9 March, 2017