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The Divestment Movement - Where do Investors Stand - RD:IR

The divestment movement has gathered considerable traction over the past year and is forcing investors to evaluate their position on fossil fuel investments. 

As world leaders prepare to meet in Paris in December this year for the annual UN Climate Change Conference COP 21, stakeholders hope that a global carbon pricing system will result to guide policy and planning for carbon dioxide emissions reductions.

The role of investors is evolving; many see both a moral case and a superior investment case for companies with sustainable business plans involving less carbon extraction and less carbon consumption.

Investors are looking to understand their carbon exposure and develop strategies to reduce, offset and hedge against risk without relinquishing engagement opportunities

Companies must be aware of shareholder sentiment, initiatives and research, as well as possible regulatory changes, in order to communicate effectively with investors

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RD:IR is a London-based consultancy offering a wide range of IR related analysis, research & consultancy services to UK and international public companies and their advisors.

We are committed to provide boards, senior management and IR professionals with the information and analysis needed to manage efficiently their relationship with the capital markets. As an independent firm, we offer companies research and consultancy on an unconflicted basis.

Our services include:

• Shareholder identification & analysis
• Peer group analysis
• Proxy solicitation
• Investor targeting & profiling
• Financial market benchmark sentiment surveys
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Published: 9 June, 2015


The Divestment Movement - Where do Investors Stand - RD:IR

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