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The Friendly Guide to Culture and Reporting

Following a long line of value-destroying scandals that have seriously harmed the reputation of many companies, corporate culture is back under the spotlight. As such, corporate behaviour has become a key concern for the  government, with the Financial Reporting Council recently publishing a high -profile report tackling the subject. It seems unlikely that this will be the last word on this issue. In this Friendly Guide, we take a look at how companies can use their reporting to explain how they are adjusting to, and prospering in, this new context.

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About Friend Studio
Friend was established in late 2012 by a team of corporate communications, reporting and branding specialists. We offer a mix of strategic understanding, creative thinking and practical delivery, combined with a responsive and flexible approach. Working closely with clients to gain a clear understanding of their business, we develop strategic and creative communications to make strong connections with their audiences across all media and channels.

Published: 9 February, 2017


The Friendly Guide to Culture and Reporting

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