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The Value of the Value Creation Discussion - Black Sun

Black Sun and its leading partners in accounting and integrated reporting have launched unique research capturing how executives feel about their value creation story.

Conducted in collaboration with AICPA, CIMA, the IIRC and Tomorrow’s Company, our report uncovers the opinions of over 350 CEOs, CFOs and COOs from across the globe on the significance of the value creation discussion and how effective their reporting is at communicating it.

Our findings highlight the importance that these executives place on explaining how their companies create value over the long term. However, they also reveal that current reporting standards fail to effectively tell this story and fall short of meeting the information needs of key stakeholder groups.

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Black Sun is an international corporate communications consultancy.  We believe that better communications help build better businesses. By creating more effective communications we build greater engagement with stakeholders and deepen their understanding of your business. The result is greater trust and confidence with your investors, greater advocacy and loyalty from your employees, and more goodwill from the communities in which you operate. We achieve this through a unique blend of best practice strategic advice, compelling creative, enriching content and industry leading technology.

Published: 27 November, 2015


The Value of the Value Creation Discussion

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