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Why Mobile Matters: A Guide - Investis

Internet traffic from mobile devices has doubled every year for the past three years. Mobile’s rapid growth is indisputable but the hyperbole surrounding its rise makes it hard to gauge the specific relevance of mobile for investor relations.   

Our analysis of over 37 million corporate website visits shows that access to these websites from mobile devices is now outpacing the global trend while corporate mobile use bucks the global trend by continuing to favour iOS devices over Android. 

Why Mobile Matters provides a framework to decide how to evolve your online communications strategy, discusses the available solutions for communicating with a mobile audience and cuts through the jargon. It’s essential reading for anyone responsible for their company’s investor communications.

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We’re the market-leading specialists in providing corporate websites and digital investor relations and corporate communications services to public companies. With offices in six countries, we work with more than 1,700 clients across the globe, including 70% of the FTSE 100.

Our mobile offering includes fully responsive websites and dedicated smartphone sites and we’ve built over half of the FTSE100’s corporate/IR apps.

Published: 15 May, 2013


Why mobile matters: A guide

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