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CIR testimonials

“At Orient Capital, we consider the CIR a fundamental training tool for our internal team to build and evolve their knowledge of the IR industry. People in our team that have successfully passed the certificate have provided excellent feedback and consider it something incredibly useful for their IR careers.”
Alison Owers - CEO, EMEA, Orient Capital

“The CIR greatly improved my understanding of Investor Relations, and I would highly recommend this qualification to anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the industry. The syllabus is broad and provides a great grounding in all aspects of Investor Relations, as well as related areas such as financial markets, regulation and accounting.”
Ed Harris - Analysis Team Leader, Orient Capital

“I found the CIR an excellent introduction to investor relations. It provided a combination of need-to-know legal and regulatory information, IR best practice and broadbased teaching across subjects anyone involved in IR needs to understand. The study guide gave a good level of detail, presented in a way that suited self-study. The online mock exam was very helpful in consolidating my learning and providing a focus for revision.”
Paul Stockdale - Financial Controller, e-Therapeutics

“I decided to take the CIR qualification for two reasons: to learn and as a credibility boost. Both were important because I was new to IR, my predecessor was an experienced IR professional and because there is only one IR role at Halfords, requiring a lot of independent working. It is important to me to learn as much as I can about any role that I am in and the CIR provides a structured and recognised way of doing this, which complements the onthe-job learning.”
Adam Phillips - Head of Investor Relations, Halfords Group

“The Middle East Investor Relations Society (MEIRS) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the Investor Relations profession and industry standards in corporate governance. Our mission is to enhance the reputation, efficiency and attractiveness of the Middle East capital markets. The qualification helps ensure that those who pass the exam have a sound understanding of the financial and market environment, the regulatory and reporting requirements for listed companies and the principles of investor relations, enabling them to operate competently and safely. MEIRS is delighted to be working with the IR Society in delivering our CIRO (Certified Investor Relations Officer) qualification, which is based on content from the IR Society’s flagship CIR.”
Clémence Piot, General Manager, Middle East Investor Relations Society

“Capita’s IR business has experienced significant growth in the last year, with this exponential growth comes training for new joiners and the CIR certificate is an important progression milestone for all our team, so that our clients have the assurance of competence and knowledge, alongside the commitment to enable they have the right support and insight for a successful IR strategy. Now with over 30 employees at Capita who have taken the CIR, as part of their development. We demonstrate that through the development of our employees, we create a wider talent pool of high calibre professionally qualified people to help shape and grow the future business of IR.”
Pamela Brown, Head of Investor Relations, Capita Asset Services

"The CIR has helped me to lay a foundation of knowledge which has consistently been of use to me in my new role.  The guide was clear and concise and the suggested further reading helped to add colour and background to the content.  It wasn't all easy but I was well supported by the staff at the IR Society, tutors and fellow students I met at the Society's courses.  I would highly recommend the course for anyone coming into IR as a way of reinforcing your knowledge and confidence." 
Vanisha Dhimer - Standard Life

"The CIR course was essential in keeping me updated on best practice, especially as I am based outside of the UK.  The course was challenging with the corresponding material providing a clear overview of the key areas within investor relations.  The flexible nature of the course and the possibility to sit the exam at global locations allowed me to incorporate the studying and the exam into my day to day business schedule."
Muhammad Naveed - Mubadala GE Capital, UAE

"The CIR is the best investment I have ever done! I use what I learned every single day and feel that I can confidently advise clients around their investor relations issues.  The CIR gave me the insight I needed in company law as well as the financial rules and regulations.  I especially found the courses before the exam helpful as our course leader took the time to explain the parts we found difficult rather than trying to go over all the pages of the study guide."
Louise Högberg - Tulchan Communications LLP

"The CIR course is a great IR resource, providing a solid foundation for any IR professional who wants to broaden and consolidate their knowledge.  I found the course to be both informative and challenging, the syllabus is broken down into clear sections, providing wide ranging knowledge from an overview of company law, to understanding listing obligations and compliance issues, to finance and accounting principles."
Jessica Coles - Design Portfolio

“One part finance, one part compliance, one part communications... the CIR is a great grounding across all the different aspects of IR for everyone practicing in the field.”
Karen Keyes – Logica

“The IR Society’s Certificate in Investor Relations was created by leading IR practitioners to provide a foundation of knowledge in IR and to recognise those IR professionals who have reached a proper level of proficiency. I am delighted with the international success of CIR and pleased to be part of CIR’s teaching programme.”
Fred Stone – King Worldwide

“The Certificate in IR is an effective and efficient way to achieve technical competence in IR practice and is a great source of knowledge for those new to IR. Also for seasoned practitioners it provides an opportunity to refresh and test their knowledge. As the course is done at your own pace timing is flexible which is essential for busy IROs with unpredictable schedules and markets!”
Diane Faulks – Citi Depositary Receipt Services

“VMA Group is passionate about enhancing individual candidate credibility through professional development. The Certificate in Investor Relations enhances the standing of those involved in IR as well as the profession and continues to be a highly relevant and practical accreditation which has adapted to the regulatory landscape in which IROs operate and reflects the continuing range of backgrounds from which IROs are drawn.”
Lisa Wannell – VMA Group

“As an international student I found studying for the Certificate in Investor Relations very worthwhile. It has given me a great insight and invaluable knowledge of best practice investor relations. The study guide material provided has been very helpful for me to use as a day-to-day IR reference too.”
Sergio Gomez-Garrote – Banco Civica, Spain

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